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Our Painting division was added to further facilitate your needs. Lankford hired people with years of experience to maintain the integrity of the company. We have the capability to complete any size Painting, Accoustical Ceiling Restoration, Anti-Graffiti, and Wallcovering project for your retail store, commercial/industrial building, warehouse, medical facility, educational building, sports facility, etc.

Quality and Efficiency


Lankford Construction is a member of the PDCA and FCAI which promotes the quality and professionalism among painting contractors.

Lankford Construction understands how difficult it can be to find a Contractor to perform at multiple sites with the same completion date. We have completed numerous "Big Box" store repaints to a new color scheme in one week. We accommodate our client's schedules, working hours, and guest relations.

Accoustical Ceiling Restoration

Our clients are always amazed with the difference a new "looking" ceiling can make at their facility.

Lankford Construction is a certified/trained installer of a ProCoat Acoustic Tile Coating. This is no "quick fix"! It is a total restoration process of the tile for a fraction of the time and cost of a new ceiling.

No need to shut down - we do our work after you leave and provide a clean work area upon your arrival in the morning.


Graffiti tends to occur in the same locations. In fact, areas where graffiti has been painted over especially with contrasting colors may be a magnet to be vandalized.

Lankford offers a solution that will leave the illegal artist "starving".

We are a certified/trained installer of American Polymer Corp Graffiti Solution Systems. This coating is practically invisible and will not allow Graffiti to penetrate. It can be washed off with a simple removal process in minutes without leaving a ghost. A 10 year performance warranty is issued by the manufacturer.


Our wallcovering services include removal, drywall and/or plaster repair, surface preparation, and installation. Our experience and product knowledge provide superior results for our client's satisfaction.